3 Mistakes Managed Service Providers Should Avoid

3 Mistakes Managed Service Providers Should Avoid

It is estimated that there are 4.6 million episodes of data loss on average per year. Because of these conditions, online or cloud-based backup software provides an excellent solution for managed service providers to give their customers. With the correct backup software and services, they can capitalize on this growing trend, making a great deal of profits.

Online backup services are incredibly useful and are miles ahead in terms of flexibility and versatility when compared to remote hardware backup. Unlike hardware backups that are prone to physical damage by fire, water, dust etc. online backups are secure and face no such issues. Online backups can also not be stolen or lost like their hardware counterparts such as flash drives, external hard drives, etc., making them all the more reliable. However, this growth and opportunity are barred by certain mistakes that managed service providers make. This could lead to a loss in profitable business customers. In order to get a better understanding, here are some of the most common pitfalls that can be found in such services and how they can be avoided.

Focusing On The Features, And Not The Benefits

This is one of the most common mistakes that MSPs make. It is essential to understand every aspect of the feature that businesses offer. However, companies will not be interested in purchasing Oracle database backup or cloud backup. Therefore, when developing a communication strategy, avoid specifying the technical features of the software and instead focus on how the services might benefit the business, both in the short-term as well as in the long-term.

Not Understanding What Customers Actually Want

A common mistake that MSPs make is expecting their clients to know what their business needs when it comes to the technical terms related to it. The truth is that even though businesses do need to have a backup, they do not have a complete understanding of the technicalities and a wide variety of solutions of backup systems. They might not know whether they need local hosting or online backup in reference to their individual business. It is the managed service provider’s job to create a data recovery strategy that guarantees to protect their business data, with reliable backup services and enhanced security.

Going For The ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

All businesses have backup requirements, but the type of backup required varies based on the type of business. While some might only need small-sized backups, others might be multinational corporations requiring standard streamlined backup services. Some companies, although small, might be looking to grow in the coming years. Therefore, the data protection and backup plan for businesses need to factor in all these considerations. Fortunately, nowadays, there is an opportunity to get in touch with a backup service provider with the expertise to create a customized solution, according to the individual needs of business customers.