3 of The Best Cloud Backup Services For 2021

3 of The Best Cloud Backup Services For 2021


An excellent online backup service Providing a ton of features at reasonable prices, IDrive gives excellent privacy and security. It supports pretty much every kind of device, including NAS, servers, mobile devices, desktop computers and external drives, which is why IDrive is one of the best online back-ups for multiple computers and devices. Even though IDrive limits the amount of data that can be uploaded depending on the plan chosen, it supports an unlimited number of devices. The basic free version of IDrive gives 5GB of space. It uses AES 256-bit encryption for protecting files sitting on its servers and SSL/TLS to ensure that they are safe from attacks while in transit. It is possible to manage one’s own encryption key if they choose to do so, which makes IDrive a zero-knowledge service that’s incapable of decrypting your files even if it wanted to. When it comes to backup features, IDrive supports continuous, incremental scheduled backups, and not to mention, a hybrid option. If creating a clone of a hard drive is required, IDrive can create an image of the system that can then be used to set up a new device from scratch.


Backblaze is the complete opposite of IDrive when it comes to online backup. Instead of loading the client full of advanced settings and features, Backblaze keeps it as easy and straightforward as possible. This design philosophy is evident when first opening the application. Everything is present in two basic panels, one showing the backup status and the other for adjusting several settings. Since it aims towards absolute simplicity, it tries to make everything as hands-off as possible. As a result, Backblaze can be inconveniently inflexible in the backup process. For instance, while simply securing a select number of files, the user is required to manually exclude everything that they don’t want to backup because Backblaze does not allow them to pick what files they want to upload directly. Other than its inflexibility, the biggest weakness is the absence of private encryption. Even though the service allows the user to manage their own encryption key, the implementation of this is utterly flawed.

Acronis True Image

Those who prefer functionality over simplicity should choose Acronis True Image. Just like IDrive, Acronis offers a lot of features like NAS, mobile and hybrid backup and server backup, as well as creating a complete copy of the system through disk imaging. Versioning is virtually limitless, meaning that it can recover a changed or deleted file from as far back as required. Unfortunately, there is no support for multithreading, but this does not seem to have a massive impact since the service is still very fast both for downloads as well as uploads. Another benefit of Acronis True Image is how flexible it is, allowing users to choose the geographic location of their storage and letting them choose between eight different countries, including those with digital privacy laws like Switzerland.

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