3 Of The Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Privacy and Security

3 Of The Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Privacy and Security

Here are some of the best free online backup services on the market. Each service provides excellent functionality, and they indeed go the extra mile to offer superior security features to protect data. Some of the more common backup solutions like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox etc. are not listed here because they have historically been reported to have privacy concerns.


Syncthing is a continuous file backup program that makes sure that syncing files between two or more devices is done in the safest and most secure manner. The most unique aspect of Syncthing compared to other services in the list is the fact that the user supplies the hardware where the backup is stored. What this means is that the backup can be stored on a separate hard drive, computer, virtual machine, or any other similar device. Other security features include perfect forward secrecy, end-to-end encryption, and TLS certificate-based authentication. In addition, Syncthing, in an attempt to be completely transparent, is an entirely open-source application, meaning that anyone can examine the source code. Such transparency shows that Syncthing is open and accountable to its users in protecting their privacy while, at the same time, ensuring the continuous synching of their data backups.


Sync.com is a syncing and online data backup service invented in Canada. The “Sync Starter” plan, available for free, allows 5GB worth of storage space, and fortunately does not expire. However, with the starter plan, data transfer is limited, and the software only provides access to the most basic sharing and collaboration features. Even though that is the case, Sync.com is an excellent free online backup software because of its feature-rich offering and superb functionality. However, its widespread popularity stems from the fact that it provides the same robust security and privacy features to free customers as it does to paying customers.


IDrive offers an entirely free cloud backup service. The free Basic plan provides a generous 5GB worth of storage space while also getting account credits for referring IDrive to friends. One of the best things about IDrive is that it lets the user backup an unlimited number of devices with one single account, while several other services charge for each individual device. In addition, the File Sync feature allows the user to sync all files and folders automatically, and with the Versioning and Snapshot features, it is also possible to store up to 30 previous versions of data. IDrive is very secure, transferring and storing all files with 256-bit AES encryption, allowing them to define the encryption key. This makes sure that the key is not stored anywhere except with the user, giving them exclusive access to the key and, therefore, the data.


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