Advantages of Online Backup Services

Advantages of Online Backup Services

There are numerous advantages of online data backup over copies made on DVDs, USB flash drives and external hard drives. Some of these advantages might be obvious, but others might not have.

Additional Security

Making copies on a USB flash drive almost has no value, because all the data on it can be lost if it gets damaged or lost. The same is the case for a computer. There are several risks such as fire, theft, flooding, computer viruses and hardware failure while storing backup copies in a place away from the computer. Even when the main drive gets burnt in a fire or gets stolen, it is still to recover all the data from online backups, so all the valuable files will be kept.

Backup Solution Is Fully Automated

It is always a good idea to create procedures, such as making weekly backups to an external hard drive or DVDs; but it takes a great deal of effort every time there is a need to copy some files. There is also a danger of forgetting a file or two or becoming careless and skipping some while making backups on some weeks. Fortunately, the best online data backup providers, such as Livedrive, ZipCloudand Backblaze, offer completely automated solutions, which are scheduled to make regular backups.

Recovery from Online Backup Is Easier

When a crisis occurs, the value of a good backup strategy becomes very apparent. The best data backup solutions enable the user to recover lost data fast without disturbing their workflow. Online data backup software offers easy and fast solutions to recover all necessary files in a very short amount of time. The quickest recovery services are provided by Livedrive, Backblaze, MyPCBackup and ZipCloud.

Data Versioning

There are several things that simply cannot be done with manual data backup solutions, versioning being one of them. Online data backup services preserve sequential copies of the uploaded data and can be searched for and recovered from earlier copies as well. Data versioning offers true value while working with data files that are regularly updated and need to be recovered that were accidentally overwritten or deleted.

Sync Data on Different Devices

Synchronization is also another feature that is not offered by old backup systems. Fortunately, it is possible to sync the data with the best online data backup providers easily. It has become much easier to work, as it is possible to open a file on a desktop computer, then work on it on a laptop and then present results on a tablet.

Saving Costs and Time

Buying drives and backup media might prove quite costly because they also require upgrading, time to operate and maintenance. Many people admit that saving time with an online data backup solution is the biggest advantage for them.