Best Online Backup Services For Mac

Best Online Backup Services For Mac


The simple interface of Backblaze makes it easy for finding what you are after.

It is a relatively typical example of how online backup services work. It costs 5 dollars per month, affording unlimited backups for the files on a single computer, as well as any directly attached Firewire hard drives and USB. Extra discounts are also available if a greater amount is prepaid; the price can slide as low as 3.96 dollars per month if paid for two years at a time. Like many other services, Backblaze also places limits on what kinds of files can be backed up. It does not back up the operating system, temporary files, installed software or any files bigger than 9 GB. However, seemingly large files like Aperture, Lightroom or iPhoto libraries are smaller than they seem to be because they are essentially bundles of many files, which Backblaze can effectively handle.


Overall, Mozy is quite similar to Backblaze. It costs 4.95 dollars per month per computer, and if prepaid for two years at a time, the cost can be cut down as much as 4.33 dollars per month. Mozy, like Backblaze, runs on Mac as a preference pane. Also, the service keeps up to 30 days’ worth of file revisions, backs up the files continuously, and ignores certain file types such as applications. Mozy uses what is known as “block-level” backups, which means that the service backs up only changed or new portions of files, saving both bandwidth as well as time. Mozy lets you control when it backs up, and how much bandwidth it can use.

The file restoration options for Mozy are not as good as Backblaze. They can order a DVD with files, and the cost is variable: 30 dollars for setup, 50 cents per GB of data, and 40 dollars for shipping. To give an estimate, this would mean that 60 GB of data would cost about 100 dollars. The web-based restore interface is not that great, especially when restoring larger amounts of data.


What Carbonite offers is not as compelling as the previously mentioned ones, especially for Mac users. The cost is around the same: 4.58 dollars per month per computer and goes as much as 3.61 dollars if prepaid for three years in advance. The service backs up emails, photos, documents, personal settings and music by default, but videos, files larger than 4 GB and executable files can also be stored. The only way to restore files with Carbonite is a fairly complicated one. The main interface of Carbonite is through a System Preferences pane, and the controls it offers are incredibly sparse. A low-priority mode can be enabled to conserve bandwidth, but the software does not have detailed bandwidth controls like other backup solutions.

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