Finding The Right Backup Solution For An MSP Business

Finding The Right Backup Solution For An MSP Business

Managed service providers have one decision that they are absolutely bound to make: the vendor that should be chosen to partner with so as to offer their business clients with the best backup solutions available. While making that decision, it is more than merely finding a service provider that offers a reasonable price. It is also about forming a strategic alliance that can potentially promote long-term growth. However, the fact remains that the backup for service providers is not a small matter and is not something that must be taken lightly. Here is a guide to ensure that the right decision is made that can boost business and client satisfaction.

Conduct A Technical Review

When it comes to technical benefits which are offered to the people, check whether all the possible criteria are met. Some of these criteria are listed below.

  • The inclusion of solution service delivery modules
  • The specificity of the solution for MSPs
  • Compatibility with various operating systems
  • Finding backup modules for different systems if multi-system compatibility is absent
  • The flexibility of the system

Shortlist The Vendors

Make sure that all the features are mentioned and highlighted adequately. Create a checklist of what is to be looked for and cut down the ones that did not meet the primary requirements. Do not evaluate the vendor merely on the offering, but on their business model as well. For example, the last thing that such a company needs is the service provider to compete with them for their clients.

Look Up Reviews

To accurately understand and evaluate the services of a backup service provider, check what the people in the industry have to say, because who would possibly understand the services better than the very businesses using it? The reputation of the business is also of prime importance. Ensure that they have an established and strong customer base. It is essential to understand that a large part of the company’s profitability depends on this. Therefore, keeping this in mind, try to work with the most reputed backup service provider.

Understand the Vendor’s Offering

It may sound quite simple, but it is quite surprising to see how ambiguous some backup solutions service providers can really be. When visiting their website, ensure that all aspects of their offering are well portrayed so that they have a clear idea of the extent of services that they offer.


Growth and flexibility are also aspects that are of prime importance. The vendor should allow enough flexibility so as to increase the offering as the business grows. The MSP industry may seem attractive but come with reasonable growth margins. Ensure that they factor in these possibilities as well.

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